AM Life Solutions



1. IT & MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CONSULTING With years of hands-on experience in providing patient care in every department of healthcare facilities, A &M Life Solution consultants are uniquely positioned to help your staff plan and select the systems and equipment that best addresses their patient care delivery needs.

A &M Life Solution consultants have helped owners and designed teams’ plans, procure and managed the installation of medical equipment and IT systems .

Our team of professionals, who possess both clinical and technological expertise, is uniquely positioned to help your staff plan and select the systems and equipment that best address patient care needs.

To help you meet your current and longer term medical equipment needs in ways that optimize value, reduce overall costs and focus on patient care, our consultants are fully geared to help you plan your medical equipment by drawing upon clinical expertise, extensive product knowledge and experience in planning and implementation. We help your staff select the best equipment for their operational needs, while providing the entire project team with specifications vital to the design process.

2. OPERATIONAL TECH. CONSULTING Our team of clinical, technical and professionally certified consultants bring hands-on operational experience to your project, covering every technology-rich area of your facility - from IT and communications systems to imaging, surgery, special procedures, ICU, labour and delivery, laboratory, emergency and biomed. We provide operational analysis, needs assessment, vendor evaluations, planning, implementation and post occupancy performance reviews for any and all technologies in your facility.

3. SAFETY COMPLIANCE CONSULTING Demonstrate compliance to conformity assessment requirements for electrical safety with a consulting partner who knows the standards and how to apply them. Our consulting team provides a new level of integrated technical support to help you prevent, eliminate and overcome compliance issues.

We provide both long-term and short-term consulting solutions to meet your exact needs and help you saves lives of your personnel as well as protect the equipments.

4. RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTING We perform in-depth review of your regulatory strategy and determine how projects align with your business objectives. We also provide data and statistical information for development of all project plans and ensure that clients receive the support they need to fill any compliance gaps – warrant, maintenance and service.

5. BUSINESS STRATEGY CONSULTING Once a business is launched, there are many activities that need to be undertaken to further expand its scope and maximize its potential.

Many companies lack resources to conduct some of the necessary tasks and knowledge to implement solutions to the needs of Research and Development (R & D) and Strategy and Implementation to achieve business objectives and campaigns. Count on us and you will never regret you did.